Breast Cancer

Support early detection and reduce workload safely in your screening program with Transpara AI

Improving breast cancer survival rates by detecting cancers earlier and making treatment more effective and less invasive. 

Transpara AI software:

  • Can safely reduce workload with 35% in a mammography screening program
  • Can improve accuracy up to 28% for Radiologist + AI
  • Can detect up to 35% of exams with interval cancers earlier
  • Supports faster review of 3D examinations
  • Strong evidence base from Nordic Healthcare regions

We offer tailormade introduction and riskshare programs for faster technology adoption 

Transpara AI software for screening and diagnostic mammography delivers automatically risk stratification and clinical desicsion support in your normal workflow. This to improve cancer detection, prioritize your worklist and potentially reduce the workload in your screeningprogam by up to 35%

Not all evidence are the same!

ScreenPoint has performed clinical studies in partnership with several Nordic hospitals and screening regions, in order to document and validate performance in screening and diagnostic settings. 

ScreenPoint has assembled a world-class team of researchers and engineers with extensive experience in breast imaging, machine learning, algorithm development, and clinical research. The team is highly motivated to develop technology that can make a difference in the early detection of breast cancer.

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