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In Human Bytes we will bring together leading capabilities from the industry and the public sector, in order to facilitate the complex process of implementing advanced software into daily healthcare operations.

Value-Based Healthcare

“Unlike an ordinary buying process, Human Bytes will use Value-Based Procurement methodology to leverage AI implementation and increase impact in the Nordics”

– Lars Dahl Allerup, Human Bytes

Value-based procurement (VBP) is gaining traction in several European countries as a method to scale Value-Based Healthcare. 

VBP is making purchasing decisions that consider how a product or solution can best deliver the outcomes being measured and reduce the total cost of care — rather than focusing exclusively on purchasing a specific product at the lowest possible price

Central elements of VBP include patient experienced value and socio-economic impact.

Our Mission in Nordic Healthcare

We support the tripple aim of healthcare by enabling support and infrastructure for healthcare professionals 

Reduce healthcare cost via AI driven workflow and support

Improve patient outcome by empowering healthcare professionals

Support system integration for full scalability in clinical use

Our approach

We build strong partnerships with international and local software developers, connecting them with descision makers in Nordic Healthcare

Our Focus

We focus at bringing regulatory approved technology into the market and derive value from scalabiity in the clinic or health eco system.

Our Strength

We have the capability to partner up with all needed stakeholders to make ends meet and create ROI for healthcare organizations

The team

Frederik Baastrup

Founder & Partner

MedTech business professional with 15 years experience in sales and management positions, within advanced clinical and technical solutions

Ulrik Juul Rokkedal Therkildsen

CEO & Partner

Senior executive within lifescience with a strong track record from management, development and turn around of leading medtech companies in Nordics

Lars Dahl Allerup

Chairman & Partner

New business development, leading innovative public procurement teams and projects. International KOL and first mover on Value Based Procurement in healthcare

Sune Buhl

Customer Succes Manager                           

Biomedical Engineer and +10 years experience in radiation oncology and development of healthcare and research IT infrastructure.

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Frederik Baastrup

M: fba@humanbytes.ai

P: +45 60141884


Ulrik Juul Rokkedal Therkildsen

M: urt@humanbytes.ai

P: +45 21387002


Lars Dahl Allerup

M: lda@humanbytes.ai

P: +45 26844773


Sune Buhl 

M: skb@humanbytes.ai

P: +45 21387002

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