Radiation Oncology

Improve your workflow and consistency in RT planning, with a zero click AI driven software for automized auto conturing

An intelligent software for high-precision radiotherapy, ART-Plan™ optimizes every step of the treatment process flow: from preparation to follow-up

ARTPlan delivers:

  • +150 OARs & LNs delineated automatically

  • Full-body expert-like contours in 3 minutes

  • Up to 90% of time saved in contouring

  • +40 centres using ART-Plan™ in Europe

  • CE-marked and FDA-/TGA-Cleared

Through ART-Plan™, we leverage state-of-the-art advancements in artificial intelligence, data science and medical image processing for better radiotherapy experience for your patients and medical teams alike.

With the Annotate module, users can create and edit the contours for the regions of interest on 3D-images. The images and contours created require verifications, potential modifications, and then the validation of a trained user with professional qualifications in anatomy and radiotherapy. 

With the ART-MR module, users can generate an AI-based pseudo-CT from MR images in just one click to avoid registration errors and accelerate planning workflow and adaptation.                                          

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