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Our purpose

One of the most promising solutions to the future problems of healthcare, is already here. Health systems are facing significant challenges from aging populations, more chronic diseases and increasing numbers of co-morbidities. Meanwhile, health systems are lacking healthcare professionals, and moreover seeing raising expectations for more advanced diagnostics and treatment. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has over recent years matured significantly, and is now performing on a level that can support or in some cases replace healthcare professionals. We want to unlock the full potential of AI within healthcare, either with autonomy or decision support solutions, that is optimal to help with the large part of daily clinical routine tasks, leaving the more complex patient cases to skilled and experiences healthcare professionals. View our short video or go to About Us, to learn more.


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Implementing AI

Myths, Barriers, and Misunderstandings

AI for healthcare is often met with several extraordinary concerns, myths or hold to a standard which is not relevant for clinical use. AI software is a regular medical device, as an MRI scanner or ECG device, with a standard regulatory approval for CE-mark. We try to unwrap some of the myth and barriers for adopting AI into large scale clinical usage, freeing up time for clinicians to focus on the most difficult cases.

Business Models for AI in Healthcare

Clinical software is often purchased as long-term dead licenses that do not reflect the rapid technology development. We base our business model on pay-per-use, all-inclusive and risk-sharing with no financial surprises for the customer.

Deployment of AI

Implementation of AI solutions are often overestimated or dismissed, as IT departments are busy and concerned about new large-scale projects. Most new AI solutions do not come with the same complex implementation processes as legacy clinical systems, and often AI solutions can be integrated in few hours or days, depending on the workflows.

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