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Our purpose

Health systems are facing significant challenges from aging populations, more chronic diseases and increasing numbers of co-morbidities. Meanwhile, health systems are increasingly lacking healthcare professionals, combined with a raising expectations for more advanced diagnostics and treatment. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has over recent years matured significantly, and is now performing on a level that can support, or in some cases replace healthcare professionals. We want to unlock the full potential of AI within healthcare, for better patient outcomes and health economics. 


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Implementing AI

Myths, Barriers, and Misunderstandings

AI for healthcare is often met with several extraordinary concerns, myths or self-inflicted barriers, delaying value creation in the clinic. AI software is a medical device, as an MRI scanner or ECG device, with a standard regulatory approval for CE-mark. We try to keep simple things, simple. For faster implementation, better patient outcomes and health economics.

Business Models for AI in Healthcare

Clinical software is often purchased as long-term dead licenses that do not reflect the rapid technology development adn creates vendor lock-in. Our business model leaves our customers to stay agile to quickly adapt to new technology the future may bring. 

Safely Deployment of AI

Implementation of AI solutions are often overestimated in complexity by IT departments. AI solutions are generic Software as a Medical Device, with standard data interfaces. AI solutions can often be integrated in few hours or days, and onboarding of staff typically only take a few hours.

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