Our aim

We aim to improve patient outcome and effectiveness, by enabling artificial intelligence (AI) and high-end workflow technologies in Nordic healthcare.

We will connect the Nordic healthcare system with the world’s leading artificial intelligence companies and solutions, to empower healthcare professionals. 

“We believe advanced clinical software solutions offers a potential step change in supporting healthcare outcome and efficiency”

-Frederik Baastrup, Human Bytes


What we do

We represent and market some of the most innovative solutions, from leading international software developers, within specific specialties or diseases to target improvement in patient outcome or workflow for the healthcare professionals. We focus on providing infrastructure solutions to some of the challenges of handling patient data, and clinical descision support systems driven by AI

Auto contouring

AI supported automized auto conturing for RT planning

Cardio MRi

Cardio AI suite via deep learning and cloud supercomputing

Edge Service

De-identification for compliant and efficient access to DICOM data

Stroke CT

Automatically detects and prioritizes ICH and IVO cases in < 20 seconds

Breast Cancer

Risk stratification and clincial descision support in your normal workflow


New innovative AI solutions to be announced soon

Lung CT

AI driven support for lung CT and implementation of lung screening


New innovative AI solutions to be announced soon


New innovative AI solutions to be announced soon


New innovative AI solutions to be announced soon


New innovative AI solutions to be announced soon

MRi Neuro

Brain oncology processing suite and stroke detection software for MRi

About Us

Human Bytes

Human Bytes is a Danish based company, that aims to bring artificial intelligence and advanced clinical software into the Nordic healthcare sector. Through partnerships with leading AI developers and close dialogue with healthcare professionals, Human Bytes will make ends meet and unleash the great socio-economic potential that AI has for the healthcare sector.

In Human Bytes we will bring together leading capabilities from the medtech industry and the public sector, in order to facilitate the complex process of implementing AI into daily healthcare operations.

Unlock the potential of AI in Healthcare

According to a Deloitte report* artificial intelligence (AI) can save 400,000 lives, 200 billion euros and 1.9 billion man-hours annually if implemented in the European healthcare system.

We aim to unlock this potential in the Nordic healthcare sector via strong partnerships. 

*Link to Deloitte report

Lives saved

Billions Euros saved

Millions man-hours saved

Support clinical decision making

Increase consistency

Improve workflow and save time

Achieve scalability in clinical use

Manage screening programs

Improve patient outcome

Consultancy Services

Become a frontier

We deliver c-level consultancy services to futureproof your organisation for the impact of AI solutions 

We co-develop strategic AI road maps with public healthcare organizations

Contact us


Frederik Baastrup

M: fba@humanbytes.ai

P: +45 60141884


Ulrik Juul Rokkedal Therkildsen

M: urt@humanbytes.ai

P: +45 21387002

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