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Fully automated AI for diabetic eye exams

EyeArt is an AI technology delivering a full report and grading within 60 seconds for diabetic eye exams, enabling an autonomous workflow with no need for grading by clinical experts.


The EyeArt system is the most extensively validated AI technology for autonomous detection of diabetic retinopathy, tested in the real-world on more than half million patients and nearly two million retinal images globally. EyeArt are regulatory approved for an autonomous workflow, providing a final report including grading.

Quality control

EyeArt are validated to work with most fundus cameras and provides an instant quality feedback to the operator if quality of images is not high enough for grading. This supports non specialist operators for a broader access to screening for diabetic eye disease.

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Workflow with EyeArt

EyeArt supports a decentral implementation pr. camera, with a local client that sends and receives QC feedback as well as results as well as output format in pdf reports or numerical values.

Clinical evidence

EyeArt has demonstrated high sensitivity (96% for more than mild DR and 97% for vision-threatening DR) and high specificity (88% for more than mild DR and 90% for vision-threatening DR) in a pivotal, prospective, multicenter clinical trial.

See here for more clinical studies and evidence: