AI Solutions


AI solutions for all areas within radiology

We provide carefully selected AI solutions for all areas within radiology, to offer decision support and triage in the existing workflow. We work across modalities and subspecialties and offer many of the solutions on cloud-based platforms for full scalability across hospitals in the region.

Chest X-ray & CT Brain delivers solutions for chest x-ray (CXR) and CT brain (CTB). The solution is deeply integrated in your current PACS and works with a widgit on top of your existing workflow. The solution is able to detect up to 124 findings for chest x-ray and 130 for CT brain. With the solution you will be able to have a real time second opinion and get your worklist prioritised from the severity of the AI findings.

AI radiology cloud platform

Arterys is a native cloud radiology platform build for executing multiple AI solutions for radiology and cardiology. The platform is built for seamless integration into your current workflow, with high scalability and security by design. Arterys covers the following clinical applications:

MSK & Thorax triage

Musculoskeletal (MSK) & Thorax triage of emergency x-rays.
24/7/365 support, fast and secure responds to emergency physicians. Reduce misinterpretations and waiting time for the patients. Supports children down to 1 year for MSK and 5 years for Thorax. Possible to flag selected pathologies for a prioritized radiology worklist.

Musculoskeletal (MSK) imaging

Image Biopsy Lab is a complete AI platform for automating and standardizing MSK examinations. Delivering analysis and measurements of Hips, Boneage, Leg lengths, Scoliosis and assessment of OA knees and spinal compression fractures in one single platform solution.

Lung CT

Lung AI for CT enables automatic scoring and measurement of lung nodules, improving efficiency and accuracy. Longitudinal tracking of up to 5 prior examinations for better comparison of nodule development over time. Lung AI supports classification, risk assessment, RECIST and Fleischer criteria. Incidental findings for pulmonary embolism are also supported, flagging any potential lung PE in the worklist for immediate action to make up for any delays from scanning to review by radiologist.

Prostate MRI

PI-RADS 2.1 compliant prostate MRi suite supporting end to end prostate MRi exams. Provides automatic quality check, detects and segments lesions and prostate regions, including transition zone, peripheral zone, and seminal vesicles. All results can be embedded in the build in PI-RADS compliant reporting tools and exported for MRi guided biopsies on ultrasound.

Multiple Sclerosis

The Neuro AI platform solution for multiple sclerosis is an automated, reproducible, and accurate tool to detect and quantify white matter lesions on FLAIR MR images. Therefore it delivers an efficient, objective disease activity assessment and determines the best course of treatment. The solution provides data-driven lesion tracking and standardizes reporting for a more efficient workflow and improved communication for both clinicians and patients

AI-powered by Combinostics

Neurodegenerative Disease

The Neuro AI platform solution for neurodegenerative disease uses AI-based segmentation that provides an accurate and consistent quantitative evaluation of T1-weighted MRI brain scan. The solution offers an automated report that allows users to view a comparison over time, enabling measurements that were impossible to obtain within the time constraints of the clinical workflow using a manual approach.

AI-powered by Combinostics

Stroke Suite

Time is brain when it comes to detecting stroke. Using deep learning technologies with robust validation processes to match real-life expectations, the Neuro AI platform’s Stroke Suite detects and prioritizes acute LVO and ICH cases, analyzes CT and MR perfusion, and notifies the radiologist and the care team within their existing systems and workflow.

AI powered by Avicenna and Cercare Medical