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Cutting-edge AI automation for radiotherapy

Represented by Human Bytes in the Nordics and Benelux, TheraPanacea’s zero-click AI automation platform for high-precision radiotherapy is in clinical use in 150+ departments in Europe and world-wide with up to +90% time saving for dosimetrists, RTTs and radiation oncologists.

AI automated workflows

ART-Plan™ is a web-browser based, scalable and modular AI automation platform for radiotherapy.  Current modules include:

Annotate™: AI-powered software that provides fully automatic delineation of 200+ CT and MRI-based organs at risk (OARs) and lymph nodes from Simulator-to-TPS within 2-3 minutes and with comparable accuracy as clinical experts, utilizing latest consensus contouring guidelines.

MR-Box™: Generates MRI-based pseudo-CT (conventional MRIs and MR linacs) for MR-only and MR guided radiotherapy to avoid registration errors, cost saving and improved patient comfort. Compatible with Annotate for auto-contouring of OARs & lymph nodes on MRI scans.

SmartFuse™: The first AI-powered software for high-precision rigid and elastic fusion, that includes the management of 4D-CT and a real-time deformation of contours for faster replanning.

AdaptBox™ : Provides decision making support using customisable objective metrics for adaptive radiotherapy by utilizing AI to generate an enhanced and augmented pseudo-CT from CBCT with a CT-like FOV, expert like contours using AI auto-contouring as well as re-calculating and comparing dose metrics to the active treatment plan.

IT deployment: The ART-Plan AI automation platform is web-browser based and can be deployed via cloud or locally as per IT preference.

Matthias Lampe, OZB Onkozentrum Berlin, Germany

“Today, the AI-based software from Therapanacea is part of the daily routine of medical physicists and radiation oncologists. It is used at the DTZ to display all anatomies for all CT scans. The contours hardly need to be adjusted. Installation was remarkably easy and ready to process scans of our patients straight away”

Dr. Daniela Thorwarth, Universitätsklinikum und Medizinische Fakultät Tübingen

“ART-Plan™ has achieved a high level of acceptance among the various teams in our department. It saves a lot of valuable time that is better spent on interdisciplinary discussions and complex planning tasks”

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Implementing AI in radiotherapy – most common red flags

We often see implementation of AI being overcomplicated, leading to massive delays in lifting stresses on departments, staff and patient care:

About TheraPanacea

TheraPanacea is a serial award-winning medical technology company founded in 2017 harnessing AI to develop cutting-edge software for more efficient and precise cancer care. Their radiotherapy AI automation platform ART-Plan™ has been CE-marked in 2019 (FDA clearance, etc. followed soon) and since then ART-Plan is already in use across Europe and US.