AI Solutions

Acute Care

Acute care imaging triage

AI offers real time triage in acute care imaging to support confident detection or rule-out, improve patient flows in emergency departments or for total care coordination of acute patients.

DVT screening

AutoDVT enables any healthcare professional to perform Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) scans at the point of care. It uses artificial intelligence to guide the user through the current gold-standard procedure. AutoDVT enables any healthcare professional to collect DVT exam data for diagnosis. This can vastly improve access to care and patient outcomes. An AutoDVT exam takes between 5 and 15 minutes using only a handheld device and a mobile phone. Note: Not FDA/CE Class II approved. Currently in clinical trials.

MSK & Thorax triage

Musculoskeletal (MSK) & Thorax triage of emergency x-rays.

24/7/365 support, fast and secure responds to emergency physicians. Reduce misinterpretations and wait time for the patients. Supports children down to 1 year for MSK and 5 years for Thorax. Possible to flag selected pathologies for a prioritized radiology worklist.

Stroke Suite

Time is brain when it comes to detecting stroke. Using deep learning technologies with robust validation processes to match real-life expectations, the Neuro AI platform’s Stroke Suite detects and prioritizes acute LVO and ICH cases, analyzes CT and MR perfusion, and notifies the radiologist and the care team within their existing systems and workflow.

AI powered by Avicenna and Cercare Medical